What To Do If Your Car's Windshield Is Broken


The windshield on your car, truck, or SUV is designed to take some amount of impact and not break, but if a rock or object with enough speed and force hits the glass, the windshield can crack or break. Getting the auto glass replaced is not a difficult process and most insurance companies will reimburse you for the cost of the work if you have met your deductible already. 

Getting the Glass Replaced

The first thing you need to do is to take your car into an auto glass repair shop and have them look at the glass. The technician will be able to tell you id the glass is repairable or if it needs replacing. If the glass needs replacing, the glass company can order the windshield and set up a time to install it for you. 

Many glass companies have the most common windshields on hand but if they have to order one, they can get them in a day or two for you. If the glass has to be ordered, you will need to come back when the glass comes in to have it installed.

Mobile Glass Repair

Many automotive glass shops are offering mobile service to their customers. The installation is the same as if they replace the windshield in the shop, but they bring all the tools and glass to you and install it where you are parked.

Mobile service is typically about the same cost as taking the car into the shop but it saves you time because they work with your schedule instead of you having to make time to go into the shop. Most mobile repairs can be made in your driveway at home, in the parking lot at your job, or even at the mall while you are shopping. 

Insurance Coverage

If you are planning to have the windshield in your car replaced and have the insurance company cover the cost, it is important to contact the company and make sure you have the coverage you need for glass repair. Most insurance companies will cover it, but many times they will require you to pay a deductible for the glass and in some cases, the cost of the glass is less than the cost of the deductible so it makes more sense to pay for the glass yourself.

In some cases, the glass company will be able to tell you if they can work with your insurance company, but they can't tell you what is covered or not. That information can only come from the insurance company.


14 September 2019

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