3 Mistakes People Make When It Comes To Storm Protection Windows And How To Avoid These Mistakes


Storm protection windows can help to protect your home from strong windows and heavy rains. Unfortunately, making mistakes when it comes to storm protection windows can decrease the effectiveness of the windows and the protection they offer. Read on to learn three common mistakes people make when it comes to buying storm protection windows and how you can avoid these mistakes. 

Waiting Until a Storm is Approaching to Order Windows

One of the mistakes that people commonly make when it comes to buying storm protection windows is waiting until a storm is approaching to order their windows. The reasons for this is that people do not always think about storms until they are close. Unfortunately, it can take weeks to order storm windows that correctly fit your windows and to have them installed. If you wait until the last minute, you may not be able to find the size of windows you need or have an installer professionally install them. Many companies only warranty their storm protection windows when they are fitted and installed by a professional, so trying to do this yourself because you are pressed for time can void any warranty the storm protection windows come with. 

Installing the Wrong-Sized Windows

Another mistake that people make in regards to storm protection windows is ordering and installing the wrong-sized windows. Storm protection windows need to fit perfectly to ensure all moisture is kept out of your home in the event a storm hits. A 1/8 inch difference may not seem like a huge deal, but this is enough space for water to enter your home and damage your dry wall, insulation and flooring. Have a professional measure your space to ensure the windows are the perfect fit. 

Improperly Caulking Around the Windows

The final mistake that is made when it comes to storm protection windows is improperly caulking around the windows. Caulking is used to seal off the space between your window frame and your window casing. If the wrong caulk is used, or the caulk is not applied properly, it may not adhere and seal your storm window into place. This can cause your window to shift when wind begins to gust, which can ultimately allow water in. Allow a professional to caulk around your windows when they are first installed and as needed when the caulk wears. 

If you do not have storm protection windows on your home, now is the perfect time to think about having them installed. A professional installer can properly measure your windows to ensure they fit properly and install them correctly. Don't wait until a storm is approaching. Get your storm protection windows ordered and installed now. 


18 May 2019

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