2 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Make Your Home's Windows More Secure


Windows are an essential feature of a home, and they contribute immensely to the overall feeling of light and space. Windows are also the most vulnerable feature on the exterior facade of your home, and they are the most common entry point used by criminals who commit illegal entry and burglary.

If you're concerned about how secure your windows are, then there are steps to take them more secure and less vulnerable. Here are two simple yet effective ways that you can make the windows of your home a more formidable barrier against unwanted intruders.

1. Add security window film

There are many types of window film available, all with different objectives. To increase the security level of your windows, the best option is a specialized security film. Security film is deceptively thin and is almost undetectable when applied to the glass of your windows. However, it's made from microlayers of patented polymers that create a strong, sturdy surface.

Security film won't make your window impenetrable, but it will make them much more difficult to smash, even after multiple impacts. Often, this is enough to deter most criminals, who are looking for easy targets that are quick and easy to enter and rob.

As a further deterrent, you can add tinting to the window film. This makes it more difficult for people to see clearly into your home from outside. It can also help to prevent thieves from using your windows to catalog the items of value they intend to come back and steal.

2. Window locks

Another simple, inexpensive, and very effective way to increase the security of your home's windows is to add window locks. These should be in addition to any built-in latches that are fitted as standard on your existing windows. Experienced criminals can make short work of what are often flimsy catches, but high-quality window locks are much more difficult to open forcibly.

For window locks to be an effective security measure, you'll need to ensure that you purchase ones that are appropriate for the style of window. For example, timber and metal windows require completely different locks. The opening mechanism, whether sliding, hinged, or otherwise, will also need to be taken into consideration when choosing a lock.

To be secure, a window lock should actually prevent the opening mechanism from functioning instead of simply locking the latch. Usually, a solid bolt which penetrates into the window frame. This is the most effective way to prevent windows from being forcibly prised open. For more information, contact a company like American  Glass Tint Inc today.



19 February 2019

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