Areyou Redecorating Your Master Bathroom In An Elegant Design?


If the time has come that you are redecorating your master bathroom, you are more than likely pretty excited about the new look your bathroom will get. After all, since you use your master bathroom a lot, it might as well be beautiful, right? If you have decided to establish an elegant look in your master bathroom, from arranging for bathroom mirror installation services, such as from Econo Glass Systems, to selecting the countertops and accent pieces, here are some ideas that might help you.

Bathroom Mirror Installation Services - How large is your bathroom? For example, are there two sink areas, one for you and one for your spouse or other companion? If so, of course you are more than likely wanting to have bathroom mirrors installed over each sink. If your bathroom is small, with only one sink area, then the mirror will probably make your bathroom look larger than it is, which is a real plus in your decorating.

Since you are wanting to establish an elegant look in your master bathroom, consider buying bathroom mirrors that have a gold frame as part of their design. Think of the mirrors as works of art. If you consider how much prettier a painting looks when it is in a heavy gold frame, that is the same idea when you select your bathroom mirrors. If you want a look of contemporary elegance, consider buying sleek metal frames in power or silver tones for the bathroom mirror or mirrors. 

Selecting Other Elegant Features - Consider selecting granite for your bathroom countertops. Besides being elegant, they will be easy to maintain and they will last for a very long time. Will you be keeping your present cabinetry? If so, think of painting it to go with the countertops, whether they are granite or whether you have kept your existing countertops. For example, if you have dark gray countertops, consider painting your cabinets very light gray or white.

Select elegant lighting, too. For example, if you chose to order your bathroom mirror or mirrors with gold framing, think of buying a brass chandelier that has an intricate design. If you selected metal frames for the mirror or mirrors, then choose a pewter or silver-toned chandelier. Consider the framing and the chandelier even when you buy new towels. For example, if you chose gold frames, then monogram your towels with gold thread. If you chose silver-toned frames, choose silver thread for the monogram on your bathroom towels. 


10 November 2018

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