3 Tips To Make Your Shower Area Safer


Slipping and falling while getting in or out of the shower can be a legitimate problem to worry about. These are a few tips that you can follow if you would like to help prevent this from happening.

1. Choose the Right Flooring

First of all, you should think about the flooring that is installed in your bathroom. For example, certain types of tile flooring can be very slippery, which can greatly increase the chances of someone slipping in a wet shower area. If the flooring in your bathroom is slippery, then you may want to think about installing new flooring. For example, putting in linoleum or vinyl in can be a better choice, since it shouldn't be as slippery when it's wet, but it's still easy to clean.

2. Create a Lipless Shower Area

Some people trip and fall when they step over the lip to get into the shower. This can also make it more difficult for someone who has mobility issues to get in and out of the shower. Lipless showers are a popular option nowadays and don't require you or your family members to step up in order to get in and out of the shower. Plus, a lipless shower can have a more modern and attractive look. Consider talking to an installation professional about putting in a lipless shower for safety and style-related reasons.

3. Buy a Good Bath Rug

If you don't have a bath rug by your shower, then there is an increased chance that your floor could get more slippery. By using a bath rug, you can help make your shower area safer. Plus, this can be a good and affordable way to make your bathroom look a little more attractive since you can choose a nice color that complements all of the other decor in your bathroom. Consider choosing one that you can toss into the washing machine; this will make it easy for you to keep it clean.

If you or someone in your family slips and falls in the bathroom, then serious injuries could occur. Therefore, it's not a bad idea to do what you can to make your shower area safer. If you follow these tips, then you might not be able to completely prevent a slip and fall from happening, but you can help reduce the likelihood. Then, you and your loved ones can feel a little safer when getting in and out of the shower. To learn more, contact a company like Monterey Glass Specialists. 


1 April 2018

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