Benefits Of Glass Showers


If you are redoing your bathroom and you have been considering replacing your current bathtub or shower with a glass shower, then you may find this article to be very helpful. It will cover some of the benefits of choosing to go with a glass shower and the different things you should know about caring for it.

A glass shower comes with many options – When you imagine a glass shower in your bathroom, you may just imagine a shower with a regular glass door, or doors. However, you can choose from a lot of different types of glass. You can go with a nice fogged glass that will still continue to offer you privacy in the shower by making it so you won't be able to be clearly seen through the glass. You can go with bubbled glass, which will add some style to the bathroom while also offering you privacy by distorting what can be seen through it. You can also go with etched glass that has designs of your choosing etched into it for a nice and classy look.

You won't need a shower curtain with glass showers – When you go with a shower that is enclosed and has glass shower doors, you won't have to worry about hanging up a shower curtain. This can be a great thing for some different reasons. One reason not needing a shower curtain is good is it won't give you a fight when you are trying to get in or out of the shower. Another good thing about being able to forego a shower curtain is you won't have to struggle with it and its flimsiness while you are trying to clean it. Also, shower curtains can cause a small bathroom to look even smaller. It can do this by giving the bathroom a bit of a cut-in-half look that can take from the space.

A glass shower can be easy to clean if you stay on top of it – When you have a glass shower a good way to stay on top of it is to have a small squeegee that is kept right near the shower. Anytime that anyone ends up taking a shower, then can use the squeegee very quickly to wipe down the glass before they get out of the shower. Also, the glass can be cleaned regularly by using a clean rag and some regular glass cleaner.


26 February 2018

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