Glass Elements In Your Bathroom: How To Use Them And How To Fix Them When They Break


There are very few rooms in your home where glass elements play important roles. You do not usually put glass in a kitchen, nor do you put a lot of glass in your bedroom. You could put dozens of floor-to-ceiling windows in your home, but that still does not make up for all of the glass you put into your bathroom. Here is how you can use glass elements in your bathroom and how to fix them when they break.

Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors come in three different styles. You can have a totally glass, freestanding shower enclosure with its own hinge-less glass door. Then there is the tiled, freestanding shower enclosure that has a glass shower door. Finally, you can get sliding glass shower doors built into the edge of your tub and shower, such that you will never need a shower curtain ever again. The glass shower doors on the tub/shower double as privacy doors for anyone that wants to take a hot soak in the tub and not be interrupted.

If any of these glass shower doors break, crack, or slide off of their tracks, you will need a complete glass door replacement. The sliding doors on the tub/shower may need to be removed completely and reinstalled completely because one broken door by itself cannot be replaced. Home improvement stores only sell an entire twin door installation kit, not single doors or replacement tracks by themselves. So you may need to contact a specialty glass company.

Windows in the Bathroom

Windows in the bathroom are not that common, but if you have a window in your bathroom, it is probably small and very high up on the wall. In some older homes and apartment buildings, windows were installed in bathrooms in place of ceiling fans. Sometimes the windows are actually in the tub/shower area!

While this can be disconcerting, the bigger problem is preventing the tub/shower windows from breaking. (The windows on the walls of the bathroom are less likely to be broken because you will not accidentally bang an elbow or shoulder into them.) If you do accidentally break a tub/shower window (or any other bathroom window), then you will have to call a glass technician for a window glass replacement. Then clean out your tub/shower thoroughly so you do not get glass in your bare feet (or worse, your buttocks).

Mirrors on the Walls

Generally, most people do not think of mirrors as glass because of the reflective properties of mirrors. In truth, mirrors are glass, with a silver backing that prevents light from passing through the glass. If you have a really large mirror in your bathroom above the vanity and it breaks, get it replaced immediately. Big hunks of mirror glass tend to break into shards, which is exceedingly dangerous.

For more information and help with repair or replacement, contact a company that supplies glass, or visit websites like


7 November 2017

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