Shattered Windows: Helpful Options Window Repair Comapnies Can Complete Before Replacing The Glass


Windows shatter in homes pretty regularly. This can be the result of a random object, accidental bump, or some crazy weather. When a window does break, many people want to get it replaced as soon as possible. This can help prevent any future problems and allow your daily life to go back to normal. When getting a new window installed, there may be some delays with the process. This includes ordering a custom window design, ensuring that the product is in stock, or ordering extras to go along with it.

While you wait through this process, there are multiple options that a window repair company can help you deal with. Taking advantage of these options will help the process go much more smoothly and help you prevent any further damage from occurring in the home. Learn about these options so you can be prepared for any type of shattered window situation.

Emergency Appointments

When a window shatters, you are not only dealing with a destroyed part of your home, but you also have to deal with the safety concerns that it creates. An open window can be more vulnerable to criminals looking for an easy way through the home. Windows are one of the more common entry points, so it's not good to leave these areas vulnerable. The open window is also a concern when it comes to the weather around your home. This is why many window repair companies offer emergency services. When a windows shatters, you can call them right away to come and help with the situation. This will help alleviate the problem faster and prevent more problems from occurring.

Window Boarding & Temporary Windows

In some cases, the replacement window needed for your home may not be available right away. If this is the case, then you do not want to have to deal with an open window for multiple days. A window repair company can offer a temporary solution in the form of window boarding. With this process, the whole window area will be boarded up until the new window is ready to install. This prevents air from coming in and out of the house and does not create any open access to the home. The boarded window will be securely attached to help prevent any break-ins.

Along with window boarding, some repair companies may offer a temporary window installation until the new window is ready. This is typically just a basic window that is installed in the opening until the new glass is ready.

Your new glass window may have extras like tinting and double pane features that the temporary window does not have. The window repair technician will ensure that the window locks and operates properly like a normal window. They will then return and replace the window as soon as the new one is ready.

Glass Clean-Up

Dealing with glass can be messy and dangerous. Along with a shattered window, you do not want to have to worry about slicing yourself open on a piece of the glass. This is one time where it's a good idea to leave the cleaning to the professionals. If possible, it's a good idea to block off the area and wait for professionals to help clean it up. Not only do they have the tools and experience to clean up the larger parts, but they can also clean up small shards and pieces from all around the window location. This will help prevent you from finding a small silver of glass in the area in the future. The glass clean-up process is taken very seriously by window repair companies.


2 August 2017

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