5 Ways To Repurpose Your Old Windows


The time always comes when you need new windows, which is a good thing, as it helps keep your home insulated against the outside elements.  But what should you do with the old windows or, if something has happened to the glass, the frames?  You should never throw them away.  There is always something much more exciting you can do with them.  Keep reading for a few of the many ideas for repurposing your old windows:

1. Transform Your Old Windows into Decorative Frames

Due to their shape, glass, and symbolism, windows make fantastic frames for many varied purposes:

  • Picture Frames: Have you ever wanted to have all the pictures of your family members in the same frame?  The segments of many windows make for excellent dividers for individual family members while keeping a unified feel.  Additionally, placing a single large photo behind the segments gives the feeling of looking out a window at a scene.
  • Vacation Souvenir Display: The frames of old windows make for excellent places to hold postcards, vacation photos, or the odd knickknacks that you pick up when exploring.  If you need more space, you can convert the frame into a display cabinet to house your souvenirs.
  • Mirror Frames: To add the feeling of space in your home, you can convert the glass of a window into mirrors, and then hang it on your wall.

2. Turn Your Old Windows into Furniture

One of the more popular ways of repurposing old windows is to convert them into stylish furniture to use around the house:

  • Room Divider:  By hanging the windows from the ceiling, or simply mounting them in a dividing wall, you can use them to divide rooms and break up space in fun ways.
  • Shower Door:  If you have enough modern windows or a large enough pane of glass, you can repurpose them into a shower door.
  • Coffee Table: Need a top for the coffee table you are constructing? Add a few hinges and a latch to the sides of the window pane and add a paint job to match.  That way, you can store books or other fun items inside the table for display.
  • Night Stand: By adding a window to the side of a night stand, you get a fun look and a bedroom storage space as well.
  • Window Cabinet: You can replace the doors of cabinets with the old windows to get a great appearance and a useful cabinet that allows you to see the contents inside.

3. Repurpose Your Old Windows into Wedding Backdrops or Decorations

Are you looking for some great Do It Yourself decorations for an upcoming wedding?  Old windows can offer an exciting and classy alternative to more expensive decorations:

  • Backdrops: By hanging windows from an arch or trellis, you can create a fantastically decorative backdrop for the bride and groom.
  • Seating Charts: By leaning a window frame against a column near the entrance to the luncheon, you can paint on the table assignments in each section.  This makes for a great looking alternative to printed seating charts.
  • "How They Met" Photo Holders: If you have a tall window, you can repurpose the sections into photo frames that show the story of how the bride and groom met, and how their courtship progressed.

4. Upscale Old Windows into a Lawn Feature

For another practical use for old windows, consider something to fill up that space in your lawn:

  • Greenhouse: For plant lovers, nothing is worse than the winter.  However, by using old windows and some concrete, you can create a small greenhouse to protect your plants throughout the cold seasons. Or, if you have plenty of old windows and a large helping of ambition, you can construct a large, walk-in greenhouse for extensive out of season gardening.
  • Gazebo or Conservatory: For something a bit more decorative, you can use the windows for their original purpose, but in a smaller structure such as a gazebo or conservatory for some outdoor relaxation.

5. Use the Square Shape for Home Decoration

The shape of a window frame makes for some excellent decoration opportunity as well:

  • Wall Hangings: By removing the glass, you can simply mount the frame on the walls of your home to break up space and add a decorative touch to any bland surface.
  • Decorative Racks: With some anchors and a few pegs, you can transform a window frame into a beautiful and useful rack for hanging pots and pans, towels, or other hanging items.
  • Seven Day Calendars: By covering the glass with chalkboard paint, you can transform a window into a chalkboard that will let you plan out your weeks with ease.

The uses for old windows are really only limited by your imagination and determination.  Give it some thought, and let your old windows improve your home and your life.


2 August 2017

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