Top Premium Materials For Home Design


Are you looking to include a few premium materials in your home's new design? While not everything has to be made of gold, it's always nice to treat yourself by opting out of the most basic building materials. Read on to find out how you can incorporate premium materials throughout your home's design.

Hardie Panel Siding

With siding, you often need to balance appearance with environmental sustainability. Hardie panel does a great job of being a durable and sustainable material that's easy to maintain, but also giving your home a more modern appearance.

Live Edge Wood Slab Furniture

Live edge slab looks great everywhere. But there are some very unique and skilled furniture craftsmen coming out with interesting designs for wood furniture. It looks great with the textured edge exposed on the surface of the wood; each piece you purchase will be completely unique to your home. Wood furniture works really well for coffee tables and dining tables, although there are some very interesting seating options to take a look at, too.

Wood or Aggregate Flooring

Here, we present two options for flooring that you can use in different areas of your home. For those outdoor surfaces, aggregate concrete is a great idea. This basically means that you mix regular concrete with other materials to embellish it. You might mix them with rounded rocks to create a change in pattern or color. Another option is to have marble or other textured materials laid into the concrete.

For interior flooring, a nice hardwood finish always does nicely. Don't forget to request low-VOC paints and finishes that are better for you and the environment. And for those that are nervous about the chill-factor of hardwood floors in the winter, think about getting radiant floor heating to make the surfaces both beautiful and cozy.

Glass-Embellished Bathrooms

Glass adds a lot to a bathroom when done right. Start by adding glass shower enclosures to all of your bathrooms. Designs that leave one side open are often a beautiful and convenient choice for you and your guests. But the glass choices you have don't stop there. How about a glass sink basin, or even a see-through bathtub? Or, what about adding windows to your cabinets to brighten those up?

All of these materials added to your home will be a delight and a pride point for when guests come over to your home. Start by choosing your favorite ideas and developing your design theme from there.


27 July 2017

Everything I've Learned About Glass

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