Three Ways To Protect Your Business From Hurricane Activity


If you've recently opened a business in an area that gets significant hurricane activity, you may be wondering how you can safeguard your employees, equipment, and inventory in order to minimize your losses in the event that a hurricane strikes. Fortunately, safety strategies exist for helping business owners protect their workers, customers, and assets. 

Have Storefront Hurricane Windows Installed 

Standard windows don't have much of a chance even with the lesser hurricanes, so have high-grade impact windows installed to ensure the optimal safety of your business. Not only will these provide far greater protection against the extremely high winds associated with hurricanes, they'll help keep air conditioning costs down due to their superior insulating properties as well as help keep exterior sounds from intruding into your workplace and disrupting the flow. Your insurance costs will also be less, you'll increase the overall value of your building by having storefront hurricane windows installed, and because these windows are thick and sturdy, they'll protect your property from intruders better than their standard counterparts. 

Put Together a Survival Kit and Store

An easily accessible survival kit will make a great deal of difference for anyone remaining in your building when a hurricane strikes. A three day supply of potable drinking water and food per person, blankets, pillows, first aid supplies, a basic tool kit, emergency contact information, and flashlights are all pretty much standard. You should also include cash for any type of emergency expenditures -- keep in mind that disruptions in communications systems may make using a credit or debit card impossible. You may wish to keep a small safe where employees can store small amounts of essential items such as prescription medication, and a good cleaning kit can come in handy during the aftermath of the storm. Always make certain that everything is stored as high up as possible -- flooding often happens as a result of hurricane activity. 

Protect Your Hard Copies

If you're like most business owners, you're already making great use of the cloud and are happy that the days of cumbersome file cabinets taking up valuable office space are in the past. However, some business owners have let their reliance on the cloud cause them to be lax in protecting hard copies of important documents. It's wise to seal essential documents in waterproof coverings and place them high up in a safe place inside waterproof containers to ensure they won't be destroyed in a storm -- don't forget to include your insurance papers so that you can get the ball rolling quickly on any necessary claims in the aftermath of a hurricane. 


27 July 2017

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