Steps For Choosing Your Glass Shower Enclosure


In any glass door purchase decision, there are a few key needs that will come up. Here are some of the critical parts of deciding on your shower design.

Decide What Type of Door You Need

There are plenty of different types of glass shower doors. First, there are the full-length doors. They could be made to open outwards like any other door in your home. They could sit on a track for easy sliding. They could even be fixed, with one side of the shower left open for people to come in and out. Or, the shower doors could be partial-length; if you have a bath tub underneath the shower, that's going to change your sizing and design completely. Picking the kind of shower door you want is an important initial step because it will affect how much glass you need, what size the glass should be cut to, and your installation options and costs.

Choose the Right Size

Likely, you will want a custom glass shower enclosure, which means a professional will handle the sizing and fitting of glass. If you decide to go the premade route, know that smaller is probably better. If you have a piece of glass that's a bit too large, it just won't fit without taking it back to be professionally cut. You don't want to try to squeeze a piece of glass that's too large into a smaller spot, because that places pressure on the whole panel. On the other hand, if you have a piece of glass that's marginally too small, you have a couple of options for making it fit. You might simply need to increase the space the sealant takes up, or you might add a piece of trim to make the panel fit better.

Picking the Glass Patterns

If you have a generous glass shower budget, you may not want to opt for the standard, transparent glass that is used in shower designs. There are a few other, more luxury options. One is to have the glass frosted to provide a little more privacy. You could, at the same time have the glass etched to show a custom monogram or other design. Some people prefer textured glass that is manufactured to show organic, rounded or geometric patterns.

Arranging Installation

Armed with the information above, your glass installation team can begin putting the final touches on picking the hardware to use for your shower doors. 

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27 July 2017

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