Winter Is Coming: How To Get Your Aluminum Doors And Windows Ready For The Change


Winter will be here before you know it. Now's the time to start thinking about getting your house ready for the cold weather. While you're busy tending to the yard, and cleaning your rain gutters, don't forget about your doors and windows. If you've got aluminum doors and windows, they'll need some maintenance before winter arrives. The care you give your doors and windows now, will help you avoid problems in the spring. 

Inspect for Damage

When it comes to your aluminum doors and windows, it's important that you inspect for damage at least once every couple of months. Scratches and dings can wreak havoc on aluminum. While you're conducting your inspection, look for areas that might have sustained damage. If you find minor scratches, you can repair the damage using a powder coating that you can find at most home improvement stores. Be sure to match the gloss level though. You don't want to spray flat finish on a high-gloss frame. If you find large dings, or dents, you'll need to have them professionally repaired. Don't wait too long to have the damage repaired though. Dings and dents can lead to oxidation, especially if the aluminum is exposed.

Scrub Away the Dirt

If it's been a while since you washed your doors and window frames, they may have a thick accumulation of dirt and grease on them. To get them ready for the winter, you'll need to give them a thorough cleaning. Begin by using a garden hose to remove the loose dirt from the exterior of the doors and window frames. Next, fill a bucket with warm water and add about a cup of grease-cutting detergent. Use a scrub brush to clean your doors and window frames. Be sure to get into the grooves to remove hidden dirt. Rinse well with clean water, and allow them to air dry. For maximum protection, you should clean your doors and window frames at least twice a year.

Polish Off the Oxidation

If your aluminum is showing signs of oxidation, you should polish the problem away. You can get rid of the oxidation, and restore the shine, using ordinary steel wool and water. Dip your steel wool in water, and buff the aluminum until the oxidation is removed. Be sure to buff all the exposed areas of the aluminum. Wipe with a soft cloth to bring out the shine. Repeat as necessary. If you see signs of significant oxidation, you'll need to contact a professional to take care of the problem for you.


20 July 2017

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