How To Design An Elegant Master Bathroom


Have you always wanted to have a fancy master bathroom? Whether you are designing a brand new house or whether you are remodeling your existing master bathroom, from selecting the wall treatment to selecting a frameless shower door from a place like Hanover Glass, here are some ideas that may help you to put elegance at the forefront of your planning.

Set The Mood - Decide whether you want a bold, bright feeling or a subtle, classic one. 

  • For a bold and bright bathroom, select a dramatic look for the wall treatment. For example, consider having a wallpaper mural of a city scene on one of the bathroom walls.
  • Also, to set the dramatic look, select contemporary brass fixtures for your faucets, pull knobs, and for the chandelier.
  • For a subtle, classic feeling, think of selecting a soft color for the wall paint. Pale blues, mauve, taupe and ivory are all great choices.
  • A crystal chandelier and crystal accessories would be perfect for your classic master bathroom.
  • Borrow ideas from the rest of your home. For example, if you love the feeling of being on your outdoor patio, consider using botanicals for the design of your wallpaper.

Combine Beauty With Practicality - Aren't you glad that you live in a day where there are so many choices you can make?

  • For example, select a frameless shower door that will go with either a bold and dramatic look or with a classic, subtle look.
  • Frameless shower doors are affordable and very easy to install. In addition, the shower door will easily maintained with a squeegee and glass cleaner.
  • Choose beauty and practicality for your countertops, too. For example, tile, marble and granite are all materials that will be attractive in an elegant master bathroom, and they are super easy to care for.
  • The same goes for your bathroom floor. If you want the look of elegant wood or the look of brick, think of faux painting a cement floor. Of course, real tile or marble would work great, too.
  • Buy a toilet that is energy efficient. You'll thank yourself later when the utility bills arrive. The environment will thank you, too.

As you select mirrors, vanity chairs, waste baskets and other accessories, think of shopping at yard sales and at antique stores. You may have to look at more than one place, but you'll probably find unique pieces that will add to the elegance of your master bathroom. 


19 July 2017

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