Essential And Optional Components For A Glass Rack


Glass racks are a perfect addition to a van that is used to transport glass, whether you are shipping glass or whether you will be installing a glass pane. To select the right glass rack, it is important to choose a rack that has the right characteristics, and you should also consider which optional characteristics your rack should have.

Underbody Mounts

Make sure to purchase galvanized steel underbody mounts that will keep the glass rack for the van in place. It is important that the rack keeps the glass in place to minimize the risk that the glass is damaged. The glass rack also needs mechanical fasteners. 

Full-Length Channels

Vans need a special full-length channel. Therefore, it is important to get a rack that is designed specifically for vans. 

Essential Padding

The posts should have rubber padding in order to protect the rack and the van from damage. The aluminum slats should have padding. The deep ledge should come with rubber pads. The front stop should be removable and come with rubber pads. 

Adjustable Poles

Poles need to be adjustable so they can be raised or lowered to any position. 

Optional Pieces Of Equipment

There are many pieces that are not required, but that can improve the glass rack. These components can often be attached to the rack without any additional welding or engineering.

Three Piece Roof Rack

Have a three piece roof rack attached. This mounts to the rack with no drilling required.

A Ladder Bar

If you will need to be climbing frequently, consider having a roof rack attached that comes with a ladder bar. A slat ladder is recommended because it can allow easy access to the roof rack. 


Sliders can make it much easier to access a rack because it slides smoothly in and out of the cargo bay. The slider telescopes so that the glass can be easily slid in and out of the interior. The slider moves the glass more gently, reducing the risk that it is damaged when being removed from the cargo area.

Various Extensions

There are many extensions that might be useful, including the over-the-club extension and the extended to front bumper goal post. One great option is the super pole system that has cleats that can be adjusted to any position up or down the pole. Mini-ledges can be very useful when transporting glass to the upper portion of the rack. 

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19 July 2017

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