Top 3 Alternatives To Consider Before Having Replacement Windows Installed In Your Home


Replacement windows are one of the most popular renovations for improving energy efficiency of homes but they are not always the best. Sometimes, replacement windows are too costly or not ideal for certain homes. If you are considering replacement windows for your home, there are some alternatives to consider too, such as glass replacement, shutters or interior window treatments. Here are a few of the best alternatives for window replacements to consider for your home:

1. Glass Replacement and Window Films for Improved Energy Efficiency

Glass replacement is an excellent alternative to replacement windows. Instead of replacing the entire window, only the glass will be replaced. New glass more efficient and help reduce energy loss in your home. In addition to glass replacement, you may want to consider window films, which can be installed on windows that you do not replace glass in. You have the choice between single and double-pane glass replacement to improve the energy efficiency of windows. With window films, you may want to use tinted films in areas of your home that get a lot of direct sunlight to protect your home's interior from UV radiation.

2. Shutters and Roller Shades for Protection and Better Energy Efficiency

Shutters and roller shades are another option to improve the energy efficiency of old windows. With functional shutters, you will be able to open and close the shutters to control natural lighting in your home or to make your home more secure. The newer exterior roller shade type shutters even give you the option for automation, so you will be able to open and glass them with just a push of a button.

3. Simple Solution for Energy Efficiency with Good Choices of Interior Window Treatments

Energy efficiency of windows can also be an affordable home improvement project with simple window treatment options. If you are investing in interior design, good curtains that help insulate windows are a great improvement but will be a little costlier than some of the other options. There are also thermal shades in blinds that are an affordable way to improve the energy efficiency of windows in your home. Thermal blinds can also be installed behind curtains to make the windows more insulated.

These are some of the best window replacement alternatives that you will want to consider for your home. Contact a glass installation contractor and talk with them about window films and glass replacement to improve the energy efficiency of your windows. For more information, contact companies like


18 July 2017

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