3 Beautiful Ideas For Glass Showers


Glass is a prime material for the bathroom for many reasons, including that it's naturally antibacterial. Because it's also naturally stain and water resistant, glass is easy to clean. However, a big reason glass is a hot material for bathrooms is that it's beautiful. Glass reflects light, making your bathroom feel airy. It's also ideal for small bathrooms because glass doesn't break up the view, making the space feel larger. Have glass installed for your shower to reap the benefits of this material.

Frameless Enclosure

A frameless glass enclosure is one in which contractors use specialized pivots to mount the glass sheets to the wall. The hardware is discreet, meaning you barely see it. They use heavy-duty glass with smooth, polished edges.

With frameless glass enclosures, you need enough space to prevent water splashing because they're not sealed. Such enclosures are also more expensive than framed varieties. That said, they're much easier to clean because there's very little metal to capture the water, minimizing mold and mildew. They're also very open and airy. What's more, frameless enclosures are highly customizable, so you can have any size or style installed in your bathroom.

Glass Walls

If you really want a customized, open installation, consider surrounding your shower in glass walls. Contractors use the same heavy-duty, polished glass and pivots to mount floor-to-ceiling sheets of glass. However, you have the door eliminated for what Better Homes and Gardens calls a seamless transition.

As with glass enclosures, walled glass requires more space and a bit of a bigger budget. However, such an installation has a lot of wow factor. For one, it's very modern and clean-looking. It also allows you to show off the interior of the shower, where you may have beautiful tile work. Finally, you can use glass walls to enclose an entire shower and free-standing tub combination to make a wet room.

Sliding Glass Door

If you don't have a walk-in shower, you can still utilize glass by having a sliding glass door installed in place of a shower curtain. The installation is relatively simple as the door affixes to tracks up top and on the tub.

With sliding glass shower doors, you can choose framed or frameless in this construction as well. It's also possible to choose different fixtures for a more customized look. For instance, you can find door tracks with artistic clamps that affix to the door.

Whether yours is a walk-in shower or tub and shower combination, add glass for increased beauty in your bathroom.


18 July 2017

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