Options For Repairing A Broken Window


Getting a crack in your window is frustrating, but there are a few different options that you have to correct the problem. Here are the three most common options for glass window repair. 

Glass Repair

If the crack is not too substantial, you might be able to do a repair at home, without calling in a professional. For instance, you could try applying a glass glue to the area to hold the pieces together and prevent the crack from spreading. With a professional glass repair, the professional might inject an epoxy solution that resembles glass so there won't be too much visual distortion through your window. These solutions may save you money, but note that you may not have the same insulation benefits as you would with an intact window pane. 

Single Pane Replacement

Another option is to replace a single pane of the window. For instance, if you have a window frame with multiple panes, you would only need to remove and replace the broken part. The process would be similar, though, if you have a single pane frame and want to remove the entire pane, while leaving the frame intact. 

You would need to have the correct thickness and size glass cut for you by a custom glass center. If you have some DIY know-how, you might be able to fasten the frame in place on your own, but a glass repair center can also install the glass pane for you when they deliver it.

A glass replacement is a good idea if the frame was very expensive or in excellent condition. Or, if the frame is part of a set of matching frames, you probably won't want to have to replace all of the windows with something new. While the replacement frame might alter the longevity or strength of the frame, it may still be worth salvaging. 

Frame and Glass Replacement

A frame and glass replacement is a good idea when the frame is not of significant quality. For instance, if your window was already getting old, then replacing the entire piece could be a great idea to take advantage of new developments in energy efficiency. 

In short, there are several options for replacing your broken window, and not all of them have to break the bank. Getting your window fixed is worthwhile to preserve the aesthetic integrity of your home and not leaving a hot spot for break-ins. 


8 September 2016

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